You Are a

How to Unlearn Everything You Were Taught to Believe About Yourself and Embrace the Wonder That You Truly Are

A groundbreaking book by Michele Martin, whose unique way of combining Human Design tools with her own metaphysical techniques is teaching people how to see themselves in a whole new (miraculous) way! 


How do you show up in the world? Do you see yourself as COSMIC "MIRACLE" or a COSMIC "MISTAKE"? 
Everything about your life will be affected by this one belief. Take the quiz, and let's find out where you stand and where to go from here. 

Who This Book Is For

Women who struggle with self-worth and confidence.
Women who struggle with setting firm boundaries.
Women who don’t see the unique miracle that they are.

Hi, I'm Michele.

I’m a life coach, author, and Quantum Human Design Specialist. I help women just like you to stop questioning themselves and embrace the miracle of who they truly are.


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God Doesn’t Make Junk

“Please don’t strike me dead because I’m bad.”

I was speaking to God.

I was six years old, standing in line waiting for the school bus, begging not to die because God decided I was some kind of “Cosmic Mistake.”

A piece of junk.

I felt different, wrong, and just bad somehow; I didn’t feel like I fit in with my family or anywhere else, for that matter.

I was living with my mother, grandmother, and my younger sister at this time. My father left us with nothing when I was three. I have no real recollection of him at all.

My mother and grandmother argued constantly, and I remember my mother being sad much of the time. I often heard her crying in bed, where she sometimes stayed all day.

I believed I was to blame for her unhappiness. If it weren’t for me, she’d be happy.

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"Having my Human Design chart done by Michele Martin was amazing. She went through everything with me slowly and patiently, always pausing to ask if I had any questions. She explained every aspect of my Human Design chart with complete knowledge, enthusiasm and humor, yes, she made it fun! She sent me my chart before hand with a recording, giving me some general information about the history of human design and how it works to help us align ourselves with our true and unique energy. After the reading, I truly had a sense of clarity about myself, so much more understanding into who I am. I highly recommend anyone to get a reading to get a better insight into yourself, your real self, learn your strengths, your powers and your unique abilities. Michele explained to me how to lean into all the positive, and how to better understand my not so positives. My Human Design reading with Michele was awesome and I'm grateful for the experience!"
– Janet Barth
"Michele is an extremely strong and dedicated woman who is highly attuned to the female body, mind and soul. I highly suggest you work with Michele as she is an expert at navigating midlife challenges. She will help you attain your goals that have been out of reach with a personalized program specific to you!"
– Jeanne Marie Flynn

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